My 4 year old daughter goes to their group class once a week. It’s only been a month of going, I can see her interest in learning music got deeper. She is also improving in listening and following instructions from elders/teachers. Love this place. A good place to enjoy learning and have fun at the same time. Very accommodating and good location!

I will definitely recommend this place!!!

After nearly a decade since my last attempt at playing the violin, I was a bit nervous to start all over again. Fortunately, my worries didn’t last long. The welcoming environment and friendly staff at Natomas Music Square quickly settled my concerns about learning a new instrument so late in life. With teachers who genuinely care for student’s development and growth, it is easy to improve my skills and explore different musical genres. Natomas Music Square is the ideal place for me to embark upon my musical journey. It has helped foster the joy and passion that I have for music today, and even though I’m in college, I continue to come back.

I love this place! I’ve been coming here since the grand opening 2 1/2 years ago. Cindy Su is the owner and is a wonderful person to know. She picks wonderful teachers that have the ability to share their love of music for little ones to adults. It started with me taking my daycare kids on field trips to Natomas Music Square. Each parent paid for their child to be in the class. The age group were 5 and under. There was a theme with a mini lesson. The children got to try different instruments before class begun and then during the lesson different activities that incorporated music were used. It was delightful to see how much fun the children were having in a safe, warm environment. Later, my significant other at the time decided to take guitar lessons. They were private lessons that were tailored to his needs. He was a beginner but picked up on songs quickly. His teacher didn’t slow him down by making him keep repeating a bunch of mundane stuff. He always provided a song to practice for the next week that was fun and just challenging enough to keep him inspired. I still come here time to time for different events. I highly recommend coming to check this place out. If you’ve ever thought about learning an instrument, or want your child to, this is a great place to start.

We choose NMS because of the reputation and feedback from others which included the quality and variety of musical instrument lessons being offered and close proximity to our home. We believe that music lessons for our daughter has resulted in improved special and cognitive skills as well as improved, discipline, concentration and focus. After about one year, our daughter is happy, excelling and learning new styles of music and to play songs that she likes to play and is motivated to practice on her own. The support staff at NMS has been wonderful helping us to make lesson time changes, make-ups etc., while maneuvering around a busy and ever changing family, school and vacation schedule. The experience has been accommodating and positive. Very flexible.

Natomas Music Square is “Woohoo as good as it gets!”. Our three kids have attended music lessons with the owner Ms. Cindy for over 4 years, and ongoing. She truly has a gift with children and we are amazed at the results. She evaluates our kids individually and targets their learning based on their individual strengths and skills. They practice because they love the piano, she has awakened that intrinsic motivation. She is religious about recitals and does a most excellent job of giving the kids their time to shine. We have always found her to be a truly kind and considerate person with a deep and genuine interest in our kids musical development. Our 7 year old plays the piano at church occasionally, his 14 year old brother plays a variety of instruments and is going to the Rose Parade with his school band. We’ve seen our friends and neighbors kids and their various piano lessons. For many, after a few years the kids are “done”, not so with Ms. Cindy’s piano lessons. We have driven to her location from Roseville for years and now come to her location from Auburn, CA – it’s a 45 minute drive. We are truly grateful to have her met her. She has been instrumental in instilling a true love of music in our kids and for this we cannot thank her enough.