This class is for beginners who are curious about music and want to learn about guitar. They will learn fundamental concepts of rhythm, melody, harmony, meter, tempo, scale, and key. In addition, students will learn how the instrument is used in popular music, the emotional qualities, patterns, and related concepts in basic math.

Never picked up a guitar before?

Desperately seeking your inner rockstar?

This class is for you! In our adult group guitar lessons, you’ll learn all the basics:

  • How to tune your guitar

  • Change your strings

  • Keep a steady rhythm

  • How to play songs in a laid back and fun group environment

We also offer a children’s group guitar class that’s geared toward the younger learner.


Guitar Lessons

Q. Is it ok to be an absolute beginner? I have no experience on guitar or bass?

A. Perfect. Anyone interested in learning should go for it. We can help you get started.

Q. How old should a student be to learn guitar?

A. 6 to 7 yrs is about the earliest for guitar. Some children this age may still have some growing to do before they have the strength to press down on the strings. There are children’s books tailored to younger students. Look up Mel Bey, Hal Leonard, Progressive Guitar or Alfred’s children’s guitar method. The book 1 in each series is designed for kids. Children should start out reading and playing notes because this allows them to gain strength in their fingers as well as play musical melodies sooner.

Q. Where do I buy a guitar?

A. The worst place to buy a guitar is Craigslist. Most guitars purchased on craigslist are very poor quality and are sold as a “Deal” or “Bargain” and end up creating a negative experience for a new student. The best place to buy a guitar is at Guitar Center or at another music store. Their prices are very competitive and they offer a wide range of sizes and quaity. A guitar should be set up properly in order to be tune able and playable.

A good rule of thumb is this:

  1. Avoid Craigslist or Amazon “Deals” or guitars that are essentially toys. Anything with cartoons or in the $75 range or below will most likely be very difficult to play and halt the learning process.

  2. Be willing to budget approx. $125 to $150 to attain an instrument that does not hinder your learning experience.

  3. Ages 12 and under do well with a ¾ size guitar steel or nylon string.

  4. A good suggestion for 12 and under is the Yamaha FG Junior. Runs about $140.

  5. This same rule applies when purchasing an electric guitar and amplifier.

Q. Should I buy an electric or acoustic guitar?

A. Both are fine. Acoustic guitars offer more mobility vs. an electric guitar that requires an amplifier. Most people prefer acoustic guitar to begin. Transition to electric is pretty simple. In most cases people eventually switch to electric when they pursue the heavier rock style.


$165 + Materials $25

Session 1
10 weeks from January to March

Session 2
10 weeks from March to May

Session 3
10 weeks from August to October

Session 4
10 weeks from October to December

Class is 45 minutes


*Min. 4 Kids to Start