Have you always wanted to play an instrument or learn to sing, but never knew how or when to start?

Were you in love with music before and would like to reignite your passion once again?

Come to Natomas Music Square, where we offer individual, one-on-one lessons in vocal and instrument instruction.

Whether you are diving in for the first time or trying to pick up right where you left off, our warm and experienced instructors will work with you to achieve your goals and gain skills that will last a lifetime.

At Natomas Music Square, we believe that when it comes to music, it's never too late to learn! 


$115 monthly ( 4 lessons a month) 
$105 for second family or second instrument 


Piano Lessons

Voice Lessons

Guitar & Ukulele Lessons

Violin & Viola Lessons

Drum Lessons

Woodwinds Lessons