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Stringbabies is a curriculum that focuses on teaching conventional music to preschool children as learning the “mechanics” of playing a stringed instrument is difficult at a young age. To overcome this issue, Founder Kay Tucker devised her own curriculum so the child can concentrate on becoming more comfortable with his or her instrument. Stringbabies children learn to play their violin in a happy, relaxed atmosphere. A typical session will include playing, lots of singing & musical games, all with a strong emphasis on enjoyment.
Natomas Music Square is proud to be partners with Stringbabies® to bring something new to Sacramento Summer Camps in Natomas. Stringbabies® is a program that is focused around the ages 3 to 5 to bring music in a fun environment where the kids can do hands on learning with an instrument. This program will be focused on the instrument of Violin. The kids will learn how to play the basics of Violin in a one-on-one lesson environment.
Stringbabies provides just that opportunity for younger ones to:
  • Learn to play the Cello, Viola or Violin
  • Overcome the sight reading barrier
  • Acquire the very best techniques right from the start
  • Develop singing, rhythmic, composition and aural skills
  • Really enjoy themselves in the process
As the young player progresses through the Stringbabies programme for their instrument, they naturally develop strength in:
  • Early Cello, Viola or Violin playing
  • Early, confident sight-reading
  • Composing experience
  • Singing skills
  • Aural skills [listening]
  • Rhythmic skills
  • Posture, bowing and left hand skills
  • Presentation & performance skills
Stringbabies Values

Stringbabies is designed to be fun and rewarding! No slave driving, no regimentation. Structured home practice is gradually introduced as the program proceeds.

Each child has their own book, with the simple lessons in large print plus space for their own compositions. There is a separate teacher/parent guide to avoid any confusion!

A typical session will include playing, lots of singing & musical games, all with a strong emphasis on enjoyme© 2015 Stringbabies – Kay Tucker
Illustrations, Pictures & Logo © 2007-2013, Stringbabies – Kay Tucker
Stringbabies is a Registered Trademark.
4 Lessons
20 Min.
Age 3 to 5


*No Refunds Given
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