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Q. Are there Different size saxophones?
A. Yes, There are 4 different sizes of saxophones, and they all sound different. Soprano is the highest pitch. Alto is the most common pitch. Tenor is a deeper pitch and Bari is the Deepest pitch.

Q. What is the correct way to put my mouth on the mouthpiece?
A. The correct way to hold it in your mouth is by tucking in your lip so your bottom teeth do not touch the reed.

Q. What size reed should I start on for my saxophone lessons? And what do the sizes mean?
A. Generally a beginner will need a size 1.5. The bigger the size the thicker the reed. Advanced players use size 3 and up because they have more air flow and can control their pitch and air flow. Beginners will not know how hard or soft to blow which is why they need a thinner reed for their lesson.

Q. Do I need a saxophone to take lesson?
A. Yes, we do not carry saxophones

Q. Do I need to bring a book to lessons?
A. Since we do not have any saxophone books, the teacher will either provide you with one or will recommend a book to buy.

Q. What kind of Saxophone should I buy?
A. If your child is a beginner, it would be a good idea to buy a student saxophone. Any brand is fine. Student saxophones can last a long time and they sound great.

Q. What Styles of music can I learn playing Saxophone?
A. You can play just about any style of music on a saxophone from classical to jazz to Latin to contemporary.


Q. How do I improve my sound?
A. A good way to improve your tone and fullness of the notes, is by practicing holding out the notes as long as possible while keeping the same pitch. These are called long tones.

Q. How often should I practice the trumpet, and for how long?
A. Try and practice every day for at least an hour and work on long tones, and practicing songs and sight reading.

Q. Can I puff my cheeks out while I’m blowing my trumpet?
A. No, This will prevent you from having a good pitch and will begin to hurt your cheeks over time.

Q. What age can I start playing Trumpet?
A. The best age to start playing trumpet is 8.

Q. How do I clean my trumpet?
A: fill your tub or sink up with hot water and take off the mouth piece, slides and valves and soak them in light soapy water. Once they soak for about 5 minutes. Take the slides and and trumpet and snake through them. Once you are finished make sure to rinse and dry off all the pieces and put them back together and put valve grease on the valves.
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