Natomas Music Square started as a small in-home lesson service and has grown into a fully staffed independent music school, achieving its success by following one key principle: music is a unique art form and individual experience for every student. Natomas Music Square values that anyone can learn to make music; the key is to focus on each student’s needs and develop the instructional approach with the highest potential for success.

As an independent music school, Natomas Music Square implements love of music at a young age because they know and research shows that music aids in children’s overall well-being academically and socially. Research has found that learning music facilitates learning other subjects and enhances skills that children inevitably use in other areas. Their friendly and talented instructors are all experienced in teaching students of all backgrounds and ages for the following instruments and music classes:

  • Piano Lessons
  • Group Piano Lessons
  • Guitar Lessons
  • Bass Guitar Lessons
  • Drum Lessons
  • Violin Lessons
  • Viola Lessons
  • Ukulele Lessons
  • Trumpet Lessons
  • Saxaphone Lessons
  • Kids’ Music Round Classes

As an independent music school, the classes offered range from individual music classes to kids music round (ages 0-5). As an addition to our class schedule, coming in 2015 we are going to be offering group piano classes (ages 6-11). Natomas Music Square finds group music lessons a great way for kids to work together, and combine musical theory and piano lesson into one. As a fun-filled bonus to classes offered, we also offer birthday parties for children and can book on Saturdays and Sundays and have recitals and performances throughout the year.

Please feel free to check out the rest of the website for more information on classes, schedules and upcoming events at our music school and beyond.

Why Music?

So recently, I read an article about why people should learn about music. And I thought I share this out. This article has made me rethink why have a musical background can be important and helpful. Why Music? – Welcome address to freshman class at Boston Conservatory given by Karl Paulnack, pianist and director of music division at Boston Conservatory.  

How Children Learn

Adults are often mystified by how children learn.  Our consciousness and abilities are different from those of children.  Nature replaces our ability to imitate, with the ability to think and reason.  Each inherited ability is fundamental in the development of the growing human being, it is therefore of the greatest importance that we understand the developmental stages of our children.  In so doing, we

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The Importance of Reading Music

When I first started playing drums at age 10, I didn’t take any formal lessons. I knew nothing about proper form, technique, posture, or how to read music. I would listen to songs and learn them by ear, which is a great skill to develop, don’t get me wrong, but it was slow going and I couldn’t help but think there was a faster

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